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Originally Posted by Starchild74 View Post
So because Clark was more physical then Linden he is better then Linden. I have seen Linden turn a game around as well. Linden was not flashy he just did what was needed. Basically what I am getting is that you agree that because Clark was the better goal scorer and hitter that makes him better the Clark. I just do not see how anyone can overlook the intagible that Linden had. He lined up against the top players and defended them well. He was a better leader and captain then Clark. He was better defensively. He was a better playmaker then Clark. I want to know why a player who gives out harder hits, and fights better with being a better goal scorer and when I say that it was not that much of a difference as Linden was just more consistent and Clark was more explosive. What makes Clark a better scorer which I already stated before was his awesome snapshot. These qualities automatically outway all the other categories that Linden is better then Clark at. I just do not understand.

Their were alot of other players in the NHL that could do what Clark did. Their were other players that were more feared in the NHL then Clark. Their were better hitters then Clark and their were better fighters then Clark mind you not too many. People here are making it sound like he was better then he was. Now Clark was always my favourite Leafs player and of the two he is my favourite compared to Linden. It is just that Linden is not flashy he just did everything well.

If his offense was way superior to Linden's. If he was way superior to Linden in hittng then Linden. If he was willing to fight way more then Linden then Yes that might be an argument. However he was not way superior to Linden in any of these categories. It is just that everything Clark could do so could LInden plus he had other abilities.

Like I said Clark might have been a better fighter but a lot of times it is not about winning a fight it is showing your teamates that you are willing to stick up for your team and when you see your captain willing to fight, even if he might get beat, it sparks the team. Linden did that many times for the Canucks. So the fear of god does not make a players better because Dave Semenko was one of the most feared guys in the NHL and he was not that good. I have never seen a super star playing the Maple Leafs in the 80's and 90's afraid to go to the net or score because of Clark. Wayne Gretzky, Denis Savard, Marcel Dionne, Steve Yzerman or other players that played in his division like , Federko, and Bellows, say that they were afraid for their lives to score or play against the Leafs. As a matter of fact they enjoyed playing the Leafs.

Once again not knocking Clark as he was good but just not better then Linden. In their peak years I would say it is very very close but edge to Linden for a career it is Linden no question. If I could have one of these two players for one game I would pick Linden because I know he would play as he always did with Clark you do not know what you are going to get.
Actually what I meant is exactly what I said, Clark was a game breaking player. Linden wasn't.
Linden did his job, put up some points, took care of his defensive responsibilities but Clark in one shift could completely change the tide and momentum of a game.

Career wise, Linden's iron-man streak speaks for itself and Clark's often reckless abandon obviously took its' toll.

I mean hell, I'm a Habs fan almost from birth and I hate the Leafs but even I found myself tuning in Leaf games in the late 80's just to watch the electricity that Clark brought to the game.
I liked Linden, liked his work ethic, liked his solid two way play and liked his durability but like I said, he didn't have what Clark had, he was no game breaker.
Clark was pure heart on skates, fire on ice.

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