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Originally Posted by devils4cup View Post
Defenseman that back-track

This happens alot in pick up games as well. I'm convinced it's just the group i've been playing with but i'll vent it out anyways...

When the forwards are breaking out of the zone and the d-man is carrying the puck and he doesn't immediately find an open man he makes a 180 and goes back into the defensive zone. That means that all the forwards have to regroup to attempt to break out again.

I don't mind it the first time or the second time it happens in a game, but when it happens once every two shifts I get annoyed having to double back every time.

Think about it, if both opposing defenseman are backing off and all 3 forwards are covering the attacking 3 forwards that means you're the open guy, skate with the puck!!!!!!!

In this situation, with a defenseman rushing you can easily reach the red line and dump it in or force the defense to stop you and that should open up a guy in the neutral zone....

Now I feel better...
I get caught on this sometimes, but I wont do the circle back thing though, instead Ill just try to FORCE a pass hah. But ya, there are times where I am open and should just skate it but dont realize even though I got teammates yellin skate it. Could make alot more opportunities with it once I get that kink worked out.

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