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08-23-2010, 09:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Starchild74 View Post
Orr did outscore forwards and hall of fame forwards their is no debate about that but let's be honest here except for Orr and a few wingers in the history of the NHL the players who get the most points are Centers. Gretzky did not just beat them and get more points he dominated every one fo them. All HHOF ones. Like I said this is not an argument to prove Gretzky is the best ever. I never once said who was the best of the two. I am just trying in my way of showing that it is alot closer then some on here have said. If Orr is better or if Gretaky is better it is not by much. It is just that alot of posters on here have said Orr Dominated offensively like no other player ever, which is not true. I mean Paul Coffey scored more points then some forwards too. In the playoffs some defenceman have scored more points then forwards.

See this is what a lot of the Gretzky supporters get hung up on.
Orr dominated his peers offensively and only Gretzky imo dominated his peers more. Yes, that's right, I give the offensive edge to Wayne and have throughout both parts of this thread btw.
Here's the thing though, Orr also dominated the defensive side of the game.
There's not a single player in the history of the game that matches Orr offensively that could also match his defense.
Just like there's not a single player in the history of the game that matches Orr defensively that could also match his offense.

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