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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
I have to respectfully disagree with a few points you made here... I'm not sure any part of his game ever screamed "STUD"... He was drafted as a very talented offensive defenseman and the reason he fell in the draft to our draft position was concerns about his defensive game... He was never projected to be an elite blueliner or the type of player we would label STUD...

In training camp the one negative report we heard about him was him not completing Tortorella's rigorous skating drills and going down on 2 knees on the ice to recover from the drill... That can be looked at as poor off-season preparation more so than an overall 'conditioning issue'. Secondly, I never saw anything to suggest he was "awful" in training camp... Quite conversely, he didn't showcase anything to suggest he could or should have made the NHL roster... He wasn't bad, MDZ was just more visible and better in pre-season action...

I don't think you can say he was given every chance to shine and didn't capitalize... How many NHL games did he get to play in, less than 5? I'm not saying he would have proved anything had he been given more games but you can't say he had anywhere near as much of an opportunity to play as say MDZ or Gilroy....They got looks over an entire season....

That being said, I'm perfectly okay with the Sanguinetti trade and the return we got back for him... Not because there's anything wrong with him as a prospect but because he was not going to factor into our future plans for our blueline with the way things materialized....
A 6'3" offensive defenseman who wins the fastest skater in the AHL all star game has the tools to be something special. Sorry, I'll change it to "offensive stud".

You said yourself he was an offensive defenseman with poor defensive play, he tried to completely turn his game upside down in training camp, NHL, WJC. Anytime I saw him play in any of those events he was way too safe, which is not good for a player like him that can't play defense very well. Del Zotto made the team because he immediately went out and electrified the power play and the transition game, as did Gilroy. That is why they got longer looks, even at Gilroy's worse he was still more valuable on the ice then Sanguinetti because he could skate better. If Sanguinetti played HIS game when he was being evaluated I think he would have made the team.

We really don't disagree on much, I was mainly referring to the people that felt Sangs was mistreated by the organization, which isn't true. Some people are tryout players, some are not.

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