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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
So now I’m a “Sather apologist”
When you try to reinvent the language to suit your argument, you are adopting the methods of the Sather apologist. Your intention may not be to justify the guy's tenure, but you are offering the same arguments apologists make. Therefore, you should not be surprised if people see you thus.

Originally Posted by NikC View Post
for you to demonize and ridicule
Does this strike you funny when you've twice sarcastically noted my "brilliance"?

When you've written this: "So that you can prove you’re part of the elite class fanbase?"

Or this: "You can be a miserable, complaining NY sports fan who’s always owed something."

Know thyself, friend. Know thyself.

And stop playing the victim when your own aggression turns on you.

Originally Posted by NikC View Post
It’s not changing words to fit an agenda ... it’s a rebuild while staying competitive.
LOL. Once you have offered the phrase "staying competitive" you have changed the meaning of "rebuild." You know this yourself which is why you wrote: "It’s not a rebuild in the traditional sense."

The qualifier is in your own statement..

Originally Posted by NikC View Post
What do you call Anisimov, DElZotto, Gilroy, being added to a young core of Staal, Girardi, Dubinsky, Callahan, Ludqvist?
How about adding McDonoagh and maybe Grachev this year? Nonsense? We’re one of the youngest teams in the NHL, but we’re
Still doing all the same things we did pre lockout?
Tell you what. I will do you the courtesy of answering your questions when you do me the courtesy of answering mine, at least one of which I've already posed twice:

1. Is Sather a "golden" GM? Has his track record proven he is "golden"?
2. Given all of what you write about other teams likely using the same methods as Sather and given the fact that "there is no magic GM or formula that would miraculously turnaround this squad as currently configured," how should we approach an evaluation of Glen Sather? Should we throw his ass on the street tomorrow morning?
3. When you see Zach Parise playing for the Devils, do you understand why the pre-lockout years are not "dead and gone"?

Originally Posted by NikC View Post
Sorry we aren’t icing a team of AHL nobodys, so that you can feel more comfortable about it.
Wow. Where did THIS come from?

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