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08-23-2010, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBurd View Post
You should check out the list of players that have made an impact in that league. It's a who's who of who the heck.

I sure hope he can have a career in the NHL. But seeing what he brings, it's so hard to imagine. But I hope I'm wrong.
That list of players...did they make an impact similar to what Aasen did? Do they have the skill-set an Aasen has? Were they praised by two hockey greats in Forsberg and Naslund? Like I said. Making an impact is just the initial step to get recognition, receiving praise from all-star /hall of fame individuals is another thing. We can all sit here and say big deal, but the two players who praised Aasen are a big deal. They know this game inside/out

Put that aside and look at Aasen without any commentary and speculation surrounding his play and what he's done. I personally see a very talented individual who is magical w/ the puck. Someone who is relentless and that aspect may be what makes or breaks his game at the nhl level b/c of his limited size.

Aasen racked up 104 pts in 90 games playing in the swedish league. Abuhl comes no where near that. Gilroy at his collegiate level played less talented idividuals. Pock's defensive game was putrid. None of the other names mentioned a few posts above have ever established themselves to the extent Aasen has done in not only in the swedish league but also in the olympics. I'm not buying any of those comparisons to Pikirainnen, Gilroy, Abuhl, Pock, etc. I find them way off base.

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