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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post

I don't care what you think it takes away from or that you don't seem to know the difference between the various deployments and focuses that a "trap" system can operate under.

II mean if you didn't know any better, you would of thought that Lemaire played under Bowman at some point....oh wait...HE DID

Again...the "Trap" when played aggressively with skilled players is a turnover making, counter attacking offensive tool.

The Trap did not produce the "dead puck era", the water skiing, holding and interference did. If it wasn't the Trap, it would of just been some other system played uber conservatively that would of gotten the bad rep.

Not every system...just the ones that involve Dmen playing active roles offensively....opps...I guess that would be all of them, my bad.

So don't sit there and try and tell me that I am not giving other factors and influences their due credit, especially the European ones, because I most certainly do.
The only influences that have been questioned in this thread have been Bobby Orr's.

You tell me to take my Orr glasses off and that he isn't god.'re right, he isn't god but in the game of hockey, he's the closest thing you're going to get my friend.
Orr was the greatest package of skill, speed, toughness, talent and awareness the world has ever seen period.

I know fully well how a "trap" system can operate under. The problem is that the trap was coined after the New Jersey Devils and believe me even you have to admit the Montreal Canadiens did not play like the Canadiens of the 70's.

What Lemaire did was take a style the Canadiens were playing when he was there under Bowman and turned into a system to slow down offensive teams and control the flow of the game and force teams to make mistakes.

Not all defensive systems are a "trap" like you defined it. Their are different styles to play defensively and even though the definiton you are using is the same as a high aggressive forcheck as well. I am not hear to argue the "trap" but if you feel that the Canadiens or the Islanders played a trap then so be it.

There are many things that caused the "deadpuck era" I never said it was the trap alone I was just saying that the true sense of the term of trap was used by the Devils in the "dead puck era"

Oh really so every single system that used a defenceman offensively. SO when Calgary was using Al MAcInnis's slap shot. Or when the Montreal Canadiens were putting Larry Robinson in front of the opposition's net to screen the goalie on the power play(which they did not do all the time but Bowman did do this from time to time as no one could move him) were all done because of Bobby Orr. No other defenceman or player had a powerful shot from the point until Orr right? Now any system that allowed a defenceman to take control of the play or jump into the play that is influenced primarily by Orr no question there.

I have never questioned Orr's influences. I have stated many times that he influenced hockey a lot. I was just trying to show that not everything was about Bobby Orr like you seemed to make it that way. Maybe it was becasue of what others said but it came across like it was Orr or nothing. My whole point about the European influence used by the Oilers was not all about what Orr did. That is all. I never said that Orr never influenced other defenceman or allowing defencemen to rush the puck. Only that not all systems utilize this because if you do not have a defenceman like him then it will not work that is all

He just might be but Gretzky's skill, vision, hockey sense and ability to do things no other ever did before or after, and most of all excellence for almost 20 years is another good package too

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