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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
See this is what a lot of the Gretzky supporters get hung up on.
Orr dominated his peers offensively and only Gretzky imo dominated his peers more. Yes, that's right, I give the offensive edge to Wayne and have throughout both parts of this thread btw.
Here's the thing though, Orr also dominated the defensive side of the game.
There's not a single player in the history of the game that matches Orr offensively that could also match his defense.
Just like there's not a single player in the history of the game that matches Orr defensively that could also match his offense.
You are totally right No defenceman that mathces or Offensively that can match his defense. There is no defenceman that matches or defensicely that could match him offensively. The problem is the same thing can be said for gretzky reason being that any Center that could match him offensively could not match him defensively. The reason is their isn't any player in the history of the NHL that comes close to Gretzky's pure offensive skill. Any Center that was as good as him defensively or even better then him could not match his offensive skill either.

The problem when comparing defenceman and Centers is that to a degree every defenceman has to be able to something decent defensively. However a Center can be just pure offence and be the best in the game just on offensive skill. Teams that have a Gretzky on their team do not need him to be defensive because his offense is that great.

If Bobby Orr was a 10 in offence then Gretzky is like 13. Bobby Orr is better then Gretzky defensively, a lot better but he was also a defenceman. Maybe Orr 8 Gretzky 4 Gretzky was better at faceoffs does that make him better? OF course not it is just that the responsibilities of a Center are different then for a defenceman that is why Orr being better defensively does not matter just like Gretzky being better then Orr offensively does not matter either. It is impossible to compare the two except agaisnt their own position and once agian even then it won't work because Orr was the first of his kind and Gretzky was the greatest ever at his postion.

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