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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post

Having a true rushing Dman doesn't matter, even the most conservative of defenders will not hesitate to jump into the play if it will create an odd man rush.
Something like this you take for granted in today's game but 40 years ago that same defender most likely would of gotten benched for it.
It's not that I don't think you understand that Orr did indeed change things, I just think that you don't fully comprehend the degree.
Now I never saw these guys play but Red Kelley, Eddie Shore, were defenceman that rushed the puck and three others that i think were defencmena but in some places I also think I read that they played forward too Flash Hollet, Babe Pratt and Bill Gadsby but can not for sure say that they were primarily defenceman. but if they were I know I have reasd they were known to rush the puck before Bobby Orr. You are right though that most of the times coaches would bench or even cut a defenceman that even thought about it. I am just trying to say that even Bobby Orr and his talents were not the first he was just the best at it where the coach could do nothing but let him go because he was too good.

Oh I comprehend the degree of what Orr did. I mean every time a defenceman does anything that is amazing offensively. It is a safe bet that Orr not only did it but did it better. Every defenceman that wants to rush the puck is doing what Bobby Orr made popular and acceptable I just can not agree that everything in the offensive game is a result of Bobby Orr that is all. That is all I am disputing. Not his legacy to the game just that with everything it is a combination of everything of all players that play the game. Like I said he might have had the most influence then any other player ever but it did not start with him and it will not end with him. The game keeps on growing and maybe not this year or next year but someday someone will come up with something or play a style that totally changes hockey again. That is all. I mean if you were around in the 70's you know there were many players that played the power forward role but Neely made it popular. and today every time a player is bigger then 6'4 they try and label him as a power forward. That is what my argument was all about. As Gretzky used to say no player is bigger then the game, mind you some come close though

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