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08-24-2010, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by OldStanley View Post
At this point in time the results are rather discouraging.

However the Rangers are tied with Toronto, Long Island, Buffalo, Tampa and Carolina for playoff appearances since Sather has been the GM of the Rangers.This would put them in a tie for 17th best.

As far as tie breakers, I'd use advancing in the playoffs. Carolina and Tampa both won cups during this time period. Buffalo beat the Rangers and have advanced more so than the Rangers.Toronto has also advanced to the Conference Finals during this time period. The only other club with 4 appearances who has found less success in the playoffs is the Islanders who lost in the first round in all 4 of those years. To be fair, even know Chicago won the cup this year, they have only has 3 playoff appearances to this point, so they still rank behind the Rangers.

With all that considered, I'd put the Rangers in 21st place in terms of success, if one views success as making the playoffs and advancing in them.
And so we can wrap up the debate regarding how we define success into this one sentence. An argument is being made that the Rangers rank above the current Stanley Cup champions during Glen Sather's tenure.

I'm just going to respectfully, vehemently, disagree.

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