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08-24-2010, 09:25 AM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
I think some people overrate Sanguinetti a bit now just based on the fact that he got moved and it was the Rangers "losing" an asset, and that makes people nervous.

I liked Sanguinetti for years but he did need to step it up somewhat and didn't really do that for the Rangers. While he had pretty good years in Hartford, I really get the feeling he was expected to be a bit more than what he was, especially last year. Maybe it's unfair, but look at someone like Subban, who had a significantly better rookie AHL years, then stepped it right up when he got a chance in the NHL and had a great playoffs. I'm pretty sure the Rangers were hoping for something like that out of Sanguinetti.

Again, maybe it's not fair, but I'm pretty sure the Rangers were disappointed in Sanguinetti's progress. If Del Zotto hadn't stepped up, maybe they give Sanguinetti more time to work things out, but hey...

Ultimately, I think he'll play in the NHL, put up some point, maybe around 40, but might bounce around from team to team as they look for someone who can provide some puck moving ability but ultimately keep looking for more complete players than Sanguinetti.

Hard to tell, though. But at any rate he needs to take a pretty decent sized step forward at this point
my problem here is that we will never know the player he could have been for us because for some reason we gave him away for a 2nd rounder in next years draft.

no question, mdz's progress, gilroy being handed the job in camp- and mostly failing, and the signing of mcd all worked against bobby last year. not to mention his coming to camp in questionable shape. but really, unless his people told the rangers he did not want to return to hartford again and that further upset the clown, i cannot understand dumping him for what amounts to a so-so pick in a so-so draft.

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