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08-24-2010, 10:03 AM
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Age: 21
Location: Montreal-Nord.. ugh
Favourite current Hab: Carey Price
Favourite all time Hab: None I'd say...
Favourite beverage: Non alcoholic: Orange Juice. Alcoholic: Sex on the Beach (so basically juice.. lol)
Favourite food: Poutine!
Favourite movies: I don't really have one so let's say Armaggedon!
Favourite music: Coldplay, Muse, Keane, Stars, Interpol, etc.
Hobbies/interests: Hockey for sure.
Origin of your screen name: Needed a nickname to play on Yahoo Games when I was 14 or so.
How long you've been a habs fan? I remember watching Saturday Habs games for ever but it really kicked in 2000/2001 or so
How did you became a habs fan? See previous answer
Jerseys owned: White Price and Red Komisarek
Your Choice Habs Captain 2010/11: Gionta.
Price or Halak 2010/11? Price
Predicted Habs Finish 2010/11: 7th
What is the most useless item you own: Too many things.
Why it didn't work out between you and Megan Fox: I hate her face... and I'm not lesbian.
Celebrity Woman crush: I'm really jealous of Emma Watson..
Would you rather be a Ninja or Wizard: Wizard, and this has nothing to do with Harry Potter.
If you were commisioner for a day you would: Hire a true commissionner.

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