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10-03-2003, 04:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr.Sens(e)
I don't think it means too much. Preseason in general doesn't mean too much one way or another. I don't think if you look back on the previous preseason standings, it is an inverse reflection of the good and bad teams.
If the latter is true, we hope the former is as well!

I'm guessing that one reason why the Sens are doing well this preseason is because with the big-league roster set, the coaches can concentrate on teaching the system rather than really scouting the prospects. Another reason might be goaltending depth: Ottawa's got three really solid netminders who have been able to spell each other, whereas Ottawa's been generally facing the likes of Grahame and Tellqvist.

Even though it doesn't mean much, I'm pretty excited about the preseason results, if only because it shows that our minor league guys are capable of playing hockey too. I had been worried about Binghamton this season, but my worries have been assuaged by the solid play of both newcomers and returning personnel.

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