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08-24-2010, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Cam A Larry View Post
No. He's just a terrible, terrible player. No skating, no passing, no shooting, no defensive awareness, no brains.

As for his clutch goals, do you actually expect him to score some of them regularly, and do you actually think he's of great uses for a team? Or is it, once again, you're bias towards the Quebec-born players which blinds you?

Yeah, that's what I thought. There's a reason why this guy never made it to the NHL turning 33 years old. He's ****ing horrible, and he is stupid as crap with the puck on his stick. I remember plenty of plays he did when he turned the puck over on the offensive zone (resulting in a 3 on 2 or an odd man rush) or in the defensive zone (resulting in goals against or scoring chances against). He's bad at hockey, he shouldn't be in the NHL, and probably fortunately won't be by Christmas time.

As for giving his ass out, well I do give it all, no matter what sport I practice, I always try to push myself to the limits. It still doesn't make me an NHL. EVen if I'm doing it for myself, and for free, I don't expect gratitudes or 550K, which Darche will get this year.

You don't build a hockey team based on merits. You build it based on skills and chemestry.
Darche had 10 points in 29 games last year. I doubt you can compare yourself to him without having your opinion get ridiculed... He's a much better hockey player than like 99.9996% of all canadians, he was still skilled enough to make it this far. He has a great attitude and he'll give it all for the few games he'll get. Better have a guy like him in that role than a recruit who'll get demoralized and have his devellopment ampered from not playing or a vet who'll be pissed if he doesn't get games. Darche is the ideal 13th forward. He'll get the odd game when someone has a day to day injury or when some 4th liner has a terrible stretch and becomes a heatlhy scratch. If we didn't sign Darche and signed Asham instead he'd have to be an extra forward or we'd have to keep an hamilton boy up who would likely cost us more on the cap than Darche.

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