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08-24-2010, 11:42 AM
Evgeny Oliker
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I agree with the majority of you who are saying that he didn't get much of a chance in NY (5 NHL games). Some dmen, like MDZ, develop a lot faster than others(Sang).

I also understand all the talk about how MDZ, Gilroy and McD have passed him on the depth chart, thats fair. However, as some have pointed out, you can never have too much D depth. I would say that Offensive dmen is actually our weakness right now. Yes, MDZ put up 37 points, but no other dman had more than 27 points(Staal).

So while teams like Detroit have Lidstrom(49), Rafalski(42) and Kronwall(on pace for 37), the Rangers just have MDZ right now as a true point getter on D. Let's even say that Gilroy ends up a 30 point dman. Who else is going to put up over 30 points on a consistent basis??
Rozsival is only getting older
Staal is not an ideal PP guy(neither is Girardi)
McDonagh is more of a two-way dman
The other D prospects we have are not high-end offensive dmen

So even if Sanguinetti ends up a Poti type of dman and puts up 30 points a season and plays the PP, I'd gladly take that. We need MORE offensive dmen, not less.

The 2nd rounder does not make it worth enough to give up on a player like Sang. I do believe that paired with a defensive dman like Gleason, he could do well in Carolina.

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