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08-24-2010, 12:10 PM
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Success for Dolan = making money. Sather has been very successful.

Success for fans (i.e. hockey success) = winning a cup (and by correlation, decremental degrees of success being judged by distances from achieving this goal). Sather has been a complete failure. Any success granted to him is based on a fantasy game. Meaning that the person making his case will say, "oh, we're 2 or 3 years away. Just look at the roster and the farm system bla bla bla." or "The Flyers went to the finals and the only thing that seperated them and the Rangers was a single shootout." or some other similar type of nonsense.

And you can see it all over this thread. The way some people judge "impressive"... well, clearly their standards have been lowered by Sather himself. But the only way you can grant Sather any level of "success" would be by the same logic with which you grant him being "impressive" this off season. In other words, he is impressive because he hasn't screwed up the way he has in the past. Or he is impressive because he undid mistakes of the past. etc. He is successful because he made the playoffs 4 seasons out of 5 after having missed 4 seasons. etc.

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