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Originally Posted by hpNYR View Post
That list of players...did they make an impact similar to what Aasen did? Do they have the skill-set an Aasen has? Were they praised by two hockey greats in Forsberg and Naslund? Like I said. Making an impact is just the initial step to get recognition, receiving praise from all-star /hall of fame individuals is another thing. We can all sit here and say big deal, but the two players who praised Aasen are a big deal. They know this game inside/out

Put that aside and look at Aasen without any commentary and speculation surrounding his play and what he's done. I personally see a very talented individual who is magical w/ the puck. Someone who is relentless and that aspect may be what makes or breaks his game at the nhl level b/c of his limited size.

Aasen racked up 104 pts in 90 games playing in the swedish league. Abuhl comes no where near that. Gilroy at his collegiate level played less talented idividuals. Pock's defensive game was putrid. None of the other names mentioned a few posts above have ever established themselves to the extent Aasen has done in not only in the swedish league but also in the olympics. I'm not buying any of those comparisons to Pikirainnen, Gilroy, Abuhl, Pock, etc. I find them way off base.
Not to rain on your parade, but I just don't see most of that. At least not to the degree that you do. Praise from Forsberg and Naslund is almost meaningless to me. Aasen is very popular in the country these guys play in. He's very tiny, yet talented and leads the league in scoring at a young age. That's the ultimate formula for fan favorite type of success. The ultimate underdog story. So he becomes marketable and gets some endorsement deals there and hence becomes associated with those Swedish stars. Naslund and Forsberg have played limited games in that league in the past 1 or 2 seasons on the same team with Aassen. They do endorsements in the country and do charity work with other marketable guys. Somebody approaches them and asks about Aasen. Well what the heck are they going to say? That he's too small? That he will have a hard time getting over obstacles to have an NHL career? Be realistic. They say the only thing they can say. He is very talented and has a good chance to do well. Easiest thing in the world to say. The only thing they can say, really.

As for his game. You see the same things I see. But I interpret them differently. I see an extremely diminutive person. Slight in all dimensions. Not somebody with blazing speed that will be hard to catch. Not somebody very strong on his skates that will be impossible to knock off the puck in spite of his size. You see "magical" puck control. I don't. That implies elite. I don't see anything elite about him. I see high skill level. The same level with which many others couldn't hang in the NHL with... without his shortcomings. Relentless? We'll see how relentless he is. As relentless as Prucha? That is probably the reason Prucha is an NHL caliber player at this point. Of all the players he has been compared to, this to me would have been the best comparison. We'll find out just how much more talented and skilled Aasen is. Because when Prucha was playing with Jagr and company in international tournaments, he was impressing a lot of people and getting quite a bit of praise from very big NHL talent.

And just very quickly, Pavel Brendl had 65 g 112 pts in 108 SEL games. Tony Martensson tears that league to shreds with his "magical" hands. I understand there are all kinds of circumstances that make it different. His age and experience, etc. My only point is, it's a very nice accomplishment for somebody his age. But no matter how you slice it, it's the SEL and it doesn't tell us very much.

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