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08-24-2010, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by dedalus View Post
Please consider the following statement.

If we take this as true, how should we handle Sather? Should we kick him to the curb or give him more time?
Originally Posted by dedalus View Post
That's likely the case but we're evaluating Sather's employment status based on his past, and on the likelihood that another GM would merely be making the same moves as Sather.

If background helps, the initial poster actually stipulated that this would apply to a "golden" GM. Messier obviously hasn't earned that particular stamp.

Since i'm the "original poster" that is being quoted here...

the context of my statement as orginally given was that all of the things that are currently active with this club: emphasis on drafting talent, bringing in young talent via, free agency, trades, etc., continuing to integrate youth in our active roster...

These are all things that I would want to see a GM do for the NYR right now. Regardless of Sather's mishaps from the past he's doing right (relatively speaking)
at the moment.

Who is the magic GM that the OP proposes and what will he do that isn't going
on right now? He doesn't say. He just wants SAther gone because of his past errors.

My opinion is that Sather should stay on to right the ship (Rid Redden, groom Messier, etc.) and retire within the next few years.

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