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08-25-2010, 04:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
I'm not arguing his alltime ranking. And forget about this particular player.

I remain amazed however, how you and a few others (though thankfully not on the HOH board) seemingly diminish the importance of anything that occurs on the ice outside of goals and assists. The traits I listed in my previous post are not "intangibles" (A pejorative word, apparently, among Nuu NHL fan.) They are imortant attributes of a hockey player. The things that lead up, and allow, all those shiny goals and assists to be produced.

If they were not that important, then Marcel Dionne, who tabulated more points than Trottier could be considered a superior player. No one possessing a single brain cell would make that argument, of course.

Look, use whatever metrics you wish to judge players, no one is stopping you. But the idea of viewing Bryan Trottier strictly through point totals and dismissing the rest of his game as "intangibles" MISSES ENTIRELY why he was great. Don't take my word for it, ask anyone else who watched him. Same thing would apply to Bobby Clarke, among several other uniqe greats - they put up GREAT numbers...but their games were so much more than that. That may not mean much to you and that's fine; it does to some of us.
Okay, by that logic, why is Trottier always ranked below esposito and jagr? Those two brought nothing else to the table other than offense?

I never said trottier is weak offensively. I said compared to others in the top 30, him, clarke and messier are significantly weaker on the offensive side and they are. Within two seasons, crosby will already surpass these guys in terms of top 10 finishes.

I have no problem with Trottier being ranked in the 26th-35th positions. However, he doesn't belong in the top 25 because all of those players in the top 25 had better careers. Except maybe Lafluer and Bobby Clarke, those two would be the only ones that I would possibly move out of the top 25 in favour of either newsy lalonde or broduer.

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