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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
Potvin was injured much of the 1979-80 regular season. The team struggled. But that's a very narrow telling of the story. For that Isles team was coming off the hangover of two straight springs when they exited early, after superb regular seasons. (Some say they "choked".) Likewise, they were, until March of 1980 (enter Goring), a team with a huge hole at #2 center behind Trottier. Not to mention, when Potvin returned in February of that year, Ken Morrow joined the Isles (exact same game, a Saturday afternoon loss at NVMC to the then-lowly Wings) as well.

In no way is that meant to suggest that Denis Potvin was not a critical - or even the most critical - piece of that team. (He certainly was the linchpin of NYI moving rapidly from bottom feeder expansion team its first two years to perennial contender through the '70s and dynasty come the '80s.)

But the "games missed" line, as recited here on occasion, is incomplete, per the explanation above.

This is another slanted (incomplete) story and I'll tell you why. Not disputing Bossy's output that season. But then what about Trottier's numbers pre-Bossy? As in: 1975-76 and 1976-77. Seem to recall he did quite well without him, too. (And he ALWAYS made those around him better; Bossy considers him the best passer of all-time.)

I respct DS's opinion as much as anyone's here. But to respond to your last sentence, yes, it was rare at the time. Check out the Hart Trophy voting during those years, as just one example. Likewise, Trottier as late as 1981 (when Gretzky was already circling the competition in scoring) was still being voted by coaches as the most complete player in the game.

In today's Nuu NHL, where offensive stat totals alone often determine who's the "bestest" in the number-riddled minds of some reporters and fans, that label - "most complete" - likely does not have as much weight. (Just go to the main board and read pages worth of BS about how J. Toews is "overrrated!" )

But it did then, rest assured.
OT but Toews is clearly overrated by some. and clearly underrated by others. the problem with the internet is that there are very rarely cerefully weighed opinions since interactions are more often in forms of debates than discussions (no matter the name of the forums (though I will say itīs better in these parts)). Just as in politics or in court you will get one-sided hyperbole and there is really nothing you can do about it.

but if you read both sides with an open mind you might get an OK picture. some think Toews is equal in value to Crosby and better than Ovie (Conn Smythe, Gold, rabaraba). some to Nick Antropov (never 70 points, to much money, rabaraba). I think the answer is somewhere in between.

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