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08-25-2010, 04:39 AM
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Originally Posted by pluppe View Post
OT but Toews is clearly overrated by some. underrated by others. the problem with the internet is that there are very rarely cerefully weighed opinions since interactions are more often in forms of debates than discussions....
Good points, about both how Toews is viewed...and the nature of internet "interaction". (The latter often being frustrating.)

I should have been clearer. Those who consider Toews "overrated" with almost no exceptions, point exclusively to his lesser point totals, in comparison to other players AND SIMULTANEOUSLY dimiss the other, multiple dimensions of his game that he brings to the ice nightly.

It's the terms of the discussion (about Toews) to which I was alluding.

And frankly, I do not consider such subjective. It's pretty basic stuff, if you ask me - if you evaluate a hockey player, you do so in his entirety, not just based on how many "home runs and RBIs" he registered.

It's the difference between having a hockey conversation and a fantasy league conversation. I'll admit, I come to this board for the former.

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