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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
well that’s your opinion which you qualify by saying: “ I think”. That doesn’t make what you
Say any more valid than what I’ve said. We’re not the only team that have struggled with the Cap.
What happened with the hawks is a tragedy imo. The market for high priced talent is high today.
We’re paying dearly because Drury,Redden, and Rosival aren’t giving us the production they’re being paid
For. Flyers fans were pretty upset about the Briere contract up until this past season.
The player that signs the contract must take some of the responsibility here as well.
The Blackhawks are a Stanley Cup champion who has salary cap problems. The Rangers are having salary cap problems while missing the playoffs. There is no comparison.

Take a look at the moves this team has made via trade, UFA, integrating youth over the past 4 yrs. They haven’t been for over the hill 35+ players!
One signing in the last four years was for an over the hill 31 year old player who was signed for SIX years.

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