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Effort and Attitude

Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
Esposito actually was a very complete hockey player - and a prolific scorer.

Jagr was quite possibly one of the top ten offensive talents ever. My own opinion - and that's all it is - when it comes to certain (very, very rare) players is that they are so exceptional in a single aspect that it renders the rest of their game unimportant.

The best examples, of course, are #99 and #66. I think that is the case with Jagr. If your point is that Trottier's offense did not match up Jagr's, no disagreement there. But "weak"? Yikes.

No need to apologize. It's just opinion. No right or wrong. And I could make a very good case for Potvin, too; he controlled the game from the blueline and was a force on "both sides" of the puck. As great as those NYI teams were, they do not win Cups without any of the big three.
Excellent point that must be viewed within the context of each player and team.

Still comes down to how that exceptional offensive talent integrates a team and the resulting effort and attitude.

Mike Bossy would fit the exceptional offensive talent mold but his overall work ethic and mindset was such that he did his best at contributing to the defensive side of the game and the various other team elements. Guy Lafleur would fit the exceptional offensive talent mold as well but his overall work ethic and ego was such that the defensive side of the game and the various other team elements were for the peons and as such beneath him. When his offensive skills started to slip due to injury and age he became a negative to the team.

Team elements include how a player practices, providing teammates with opportunities for learning and developmental experiences. Leading by example, facilitating as opposed to obstructing coaching efforts, sharing as opposed to always taking, etc.

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