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08-25-2010, 09:23 AM
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Visor mounting help

I am no newbie to hockey, I have been playing since I was a kid, HOWEVER I am a noob when it comes to visors, being 18 and having played with a hand-me-down helmet from my cousin with a visor for the last year, I have grown to like it. As I said the helmet was a hand me down and is fairly damaged and the visor its self is one impact away from breaking on me, I have my own CCM 692L helmet thats in pretty good condition since I have been using the handmedown for a while. So yesterday I went to the local hockey store and bought the Oakley VR910, I brought my 692 along and asked the people working there if it would be compatible with my helmet and the guy who looked like he didn't know much more than me just said most of these things are universal, so I took it home tried mounting it but it was too wide, the instructions said there were J-Hooks that are used to make the visor fit helmets that aren't wide enough but I cant tell from the illustration how to mount them, something tells me this visor just wasn't made for my helmet but im not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Also if you look at the 692 it has two screws on the side, where as the VR910 has one screw hole and one long (just google it to see a pic) should I try a different visor with the matching holes?

Sorry for the wall of text, its how I type LoL. thanks hfpeople.

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