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08-25-2010, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
how many posters are you currently speaking for right now?
Only myself, and if you can quote Vito saying his opinion is more valid than yours, I will be happy to read that quote.

Originally Posted by NikC
I told you that i would answer this earth-shattering question of yours in it's own thread. I did. (#34, #37) You ignored it up until now, because you're being called out about it.
Sorry, friend. Had I been here at 8:15 last night when you posted those, I would gladly have done' to you then exactly what I'm doing to you now.

Originally Posted by NikC
Why make an issue out me supposedly avoiding this question of yours
That was not my first choice. You said I had to openb a new thread to get an answer from you. If it seems I'm "making an issue" of this, blame yourself. You might just as easily have written what you wrote here in an earlier thread.

Now that you have the game you wanted to play, let's not complain about it, shall we? That really IS hypocritical.

Originally Posted by NikC
you’re only going to ignore my response?
Am I ignoring your responses, NikC?

Originally Posted by NikC
Let me know what you’re trying to accomplish here?
I'm trying to get your thoughts on Sather.

Once I had those, I showed how you were wrong to accuse Bleed Ranger Blue as you did.

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