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Originally Posted by Blues88 View Post
I'm usually not one for making threads and I hate that I am going to (pointlessly) rant but my intention is to get the word out. This word of course, is only according to me.

The new Bauer Vapor series, specifically the x:40 and I will lop the x:60 in too....are pieces of ****. Please do yourself a favor and stay away.

I broke a One95 after almost a year and a half of fairly heavy use. On a tight budget, I start looking at sticks, asking my buddies, and get the ball rolling. For $100, (all I was prepared to spend at the time) I decided to get the x:40 as my friend said he liked the feel of the stick and recommended it. I used it once and didnt play for about a month. Used it again, then again. 3 times of total use. Today it broke up from where the blade meets the shaft RECEIVING A PASS. I then learn that my friend broke three (3!) x:40 and one x:60 in the month that I didnt play.

I will sort of tag a disclaimer to this and say that right off the bat I wasnt a big fan of the feel of this stick. I am a stalwart when it comes to how the one95 feels, I liked the squared edges and the puck feel, to me, was solid and very apparent. The x:40 was awfully plastic-y feeling and I guess the location of the kick points didnt jive with me. This doesnt change the fact that they are crap.

Just picked up an s17 (oh god) with the same $100. Do yourselves a favor, if you were pondering getting an x:40 or an x:60, take $20 and buy a pvc pipe and glue a tupperware container to the end (make sure you curve it though). Roughly the same effect and you'll have money leftover.
Not every stick is manufactured the same. Some Vapors will be defective or won't last as long. I could go out and find the same story about your beloved One95.

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