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08-25-2010, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Like I said before, there is 2 camps on that question. While I disagree with Kriss E, I know where he is coming from. I haven't seen as much young fans from anything BUT the Habs. There are A LOT of Ovechkin fans. A lot of Crosby fans. A lot of other players' fans of other cities way more than it used to be in the past. For one reason only. The lack of Habs success in the past 15 years. And the fact that we didn't finish low enough to get those "stars" while we weren't able to draft them everywhere else in the draft.

I just wish THEY'd see and respect where we're coming from (I think Kriss E does though) and either for the oldest guys like me, or even some of the young ones who either chooses to beleive in this or still ends up having relatives really passionnate with what the Habs were all about, that in the end, our desire to add some fine local talent as nothing to do with diluting the overall talent of the team and just has to do with getting back somehow the identity we used to have and that maybe it would reflect in the end result for the benefit of everyone.

Thing is, in the debate even for in the "doesn't matter where he comes from" camp, you have that feeling that the "doesn't matter" isn't necessarily true.....A whole lot of people do not believe in the Q products nor do they seem to want that local flavor based on the fact that it either might create a distraction OR that it would please the media we love to hate. So in the "doesn't matter" (for some) seems to hide a " well it might not be bad if we don't have a lot of those locals" type of thinking.....
I do get where you're coming from. I understand your point and view. I just don't see it as a priority to get local talent. Would be great if we could have more local talent of course, but it's not a necessity in my eyes.

Originally Posted by Not The One View Post
If pigs had wings, they could fly. At "equal" talent, Lafleur was the idol of a generation and and an inspiration to millions of fans, who saw him play at least 80x more than the other two HoFers. I really don't see what's to debate here.
You're the one that asked the question. I'm explaining to you why Lafleur was more idolized. Like you said, people saw him more. Nowadays, you can pretty much see any team play every single game. If not on TV, then on the net. If I'm a young kid and love Doughty, I can see the Kings play every game.
I never said that a local superstar won't influence a lot of local masses, more so than an outside Superstar.
I said that the kid that wants to play hockey, will play it whether there's quebecers on the team or not.

Originally Posted by Not The One View Post
A bit of an unfair comparison, no? If Lemieux had played his whole career here, he'd have an arena named after him in every town in the province.
Well the same can said about your comparison of Dionne vs Lafleur.

Point was to show Superstars outside Mtl can influence a lot of people as well.
As Whitesnake pointed out, Ovechkin and Crosby are present in every city. If we had either one here, they would influence as much as any Queb superstar would.

If Price can live up to his ''Jesus'' nickname, and we can become part of the best teams in the East then we will be a lot more influent as well.

Winning will influence a lot more masses than a local superstar. Of course, if you can have the best of both worlds it would be ideal.
But like I said, it isn't a necessity. Winning is a necessity.
Originally Posted by Not The One View Post
That's why we need TALENTed local players, which we tend to trade away for peanuts around here. Seriously, what did we get for Carbonneau, Roy, Damphousse, Turgeon, Beauchemin, Robidas, Ribeiro, Latendresse. That's a massive loss of talent, and they were all lost in bad trades.
Carbo-Roy-Damph-Turgeon were all traded during the Houle era. I don't know why you bring these guys up, we all know how the was completely destroyed.
Beauchemin was ''stolen''. There was an agreement among all GMs to not pick up any player placed on waivers during the lockout. One of them decided to break that agreement and pick up Beauchemin. That GM no longer works.
Ribeiro was a mistake. Remember when we got Kovalev for Balej?..GMs screw up sometimes.
Robidas moved around a lot before stepping up. From Mtl to Atl to Dallas to Chi to Germany (Lockout) back to Dallas.
Latendresse for Pouliot was still a pretty even deal. We will see in the future if there's a clear winner.

I'd take Cammalleri over Ribeiro, so like I said, we need Talented players, local or not.

Originally Posted by Not The One View Post
Obviously. Nobody is asking for a whole team of Quebecois, we just want more than one regular third-liner. And it's pretty difficicult to get those TALENTED players nowadays if you don't draft them in the first place. One first-round pick from the Q in 20 years does not give us a lot of TALENT to build from, does it?

We sure do like those college players though. We got 8 of them in the first round in the last 11 years. Probably a coincidence.

Even beefing up our Q scouting would be a terrific first step to build up our supply of local talent, but apparently even that is controversial around here...
How many Q players were picked in the first round last year??..
It's not just us that draft less Q players buddy. I'd have no problem beefing up our Q scouting, we have an advantage with that league being in our own backyard. But I don't think it's a coincidence how the number of Q players seems to keep dropping.

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