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10-03-2003, 05:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Buffaloed
Heatley will have to obtain a waiver if he's convicted of a crime or he won't be allowed to reenter the USA from Canada. Customs isn't going to let him reenter when it's a well publicized case they should know about, or they'll be on the hook if Heatley has another accident. Whether a waiver is granted depends on the seriousness of the conviction, and who's willing to take the heat if he has another accident. I can't imagine him being deported, but the reentry issue is serious. Having spent 2 glorious summers working for US Customs at the Peace Bridge, I can tell you that I would not let him reenter without a waiver.

"If you have a criminal record, no matter how minor or how long ago the offence, you may be refused entry to the United States… Under U.S. law, a pardon issued by Canadian authorities is not recognized for purposes of entry into the United States." "U.S. ports of entry are computerized and connected to a centralized database. Information is readily available on criminal convictions in both Canada and the United States. Even though you may have entered the United States without hindrance in the past, you could run into difficulty if your record shows a criminal conviction or a previous denial of entry. Attempting to gain entry without a waiver could result in several weeks of detention at a USINS facility." "If you have a criminal record, you should contact one of the USINS ports of entry well in advance of travel to the United States."
Good info. Heatley will likely get probation considering the seriousness of the injuries if he doesn't do jail time. That certainly puts him in the situation Buffaloed describes. Having read quite a bit like everyone else about Heatley I'm guessing that is the least of his worries right now next to the health of his teammate and friend.

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