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08-25-2010, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Sanguinetti is working out with the Canes players. He discussed the trade

Read more:

Carolina has Corvo,Babchuk and McBain on the right side. They re-signed Carson who is another righty. Gleason and Pitkanen on the left side. One spot open on the left side. Harrison is the prime contender for that spot. Sanguinetti is a righty. Where is he playing on the right side?

That first statement regarding putting on weight and being a little more physical That's not his game. Now you know why the Rangers moved this player. Sanguinetti's skating and offensive ability should be the reasons for his success. If he was able to contribute offensively,his lack of physical prowess would not be a big deal.

When the Rangers sent Sanguinetti down after training camp last September,Dave Maloney and Joe Michelletti doubted Sanguinetti was going to be the player he was in the OHL. They didn't see that type of player from what they saw of him in pre-season.
Interesting read.

What I get from it is that he did not ask for a trade. This is also very telling:

"They have their guys they want to go with and it kind of left me out, and there's where it ended, I guess."

I think that in camp and pre-season MDZ and Gilroy clearly stood out a lot more than Sangs and so management felt they surpassed Sangs. That is a fair assumption. However, it does not mean that Sangs has no potential and is all of a sudden Hugh Jessiman.

While I agree that Sangs didn't do much in pre-season and in his 5 NHL games, that is a very short stint of games to go by. He has done well offensively in the AHL and again, some D take longer to adjust to the NHL. He seems very cautious in pre-season and in his 5 NHL games...but I did see glimpses of his potential. If Carolina tells him to just play his game and not worry about what happened in NY, he could become a solid top 4 guy. Corvo is a good example...a guy who the Kings kind of gave up on but he is a top 4 right now.

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