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08-25-2010, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by NikC View Post

My position has not changed from day to day and I reaffirm everything I’ve written in post #83
Of this thread. I have demonstrated from all my recent postings to be consistent with my opinions regarding Sather overall and recently.

The Impressive post was derailed significantly by posters such as yourself in order to lambaste anyone who could see any good
In Sather offseason. This post was supposedly created to answer a special question from your batman buddy dedalus.
Seems you can’t stick to this OP either?

You were crying and whining about how sore you were in the last thread, because you were accused of lying, but essentially
That’s what you’re saying I’m doing by promoting: “a position that changes, it seems from day to day.

I thought it was from a month ago detective? Now I’m changing what I write every day? Seems like character assignation so
That you can continue to persecute anyone who doesn't want to stew in the misery you and others have created for yourself as a
Fan of this team?


I've long maintained my opinion of Sather. Like you, I think he's been an utter failure. Like you, I think he perpetuates utter directionlessness. Like you, I think he's trying to convince people that he's rebuilidng on the fly to cast himself in a better light. Funny, isn't it, that we share so many opinions yet you still feel persecuted?

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