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08-25-2010, 06:36 PM
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I didnt want to offend anyone, but I clearly underestimated the love and violent passion others have for these sticks. I'm sorry, but......

I realize that this happens with any other manfacturer and many other stick lines. I am simply advising based on my personal experience with this line. I am absolutely guilting by association and speaking about the quality of this line of sticks because that is what I had direct association with. Why else would anyone have an opinion if it wasnt good or bad based on their own experience?

Obviously the difference of $100 dollars will effect the quality, feel, and performance of sticks. Having had more than a few $200 dollar ops, my expectations were not for the x:40 to be the x:60 or the one95 or the s17 or the 10k. My expectation was that $100 would allow me to play more than 3 stick and puck sessions and hopefully a few scrimmages. Giving that most of us aren't wealthy and more than a good number of us are college students, I cant see how that isn't applicable to alot of you.

My "definition" of the vapor series is that between my friend and I, 4 x:40 sticks and 2 x:60 sticks were broken in under 3 months time. This is without bad ass semi pro players abusing the piss out of them. This is 3-4 times on the ice a week with a few games mixed in along with stick and puck. I can comment on the x:60 without having purchased or used it simply because I saw how long two of them lasted. I never said that every single stick used by every single person is a piece of ****, merely that my experience and opinion of this line is that they are of sub par quality.

My disclaimer paragraph and repeated use of "in my opinion" prefacing was intented to avoid the responses that boil down to "My stick is awesome and you're insane and wrong for not thinking so based on your opinion which is biased."

If it helps, my friend still swears by these sticks and "serial hates" on the one95 he just purchased.

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