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08-25-2010, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
Even if you concede the point that he dropped off a little early.. his offensive peak still stands up with pretty much anyone.

Lafleur whom everyone here seems to agree had a fantastic offensive peak had in his top 6 seasons 327 goals, 439 assists and 766 points.

Trottier in his top 6 seasons had 256 goals 448 assists for 704 points.

Now obviously Lafleur peaked higher, especially as a goal scorer, but he gets all kinds of credit for that short but wonderful peak. And please don't roll out the different era argument when their career years mostly overlap.

Trottier is within hailing distance of that same peak for points, adds every other hockey skill you can think of at an excellent level and gets put down for having the short peak.

How many players have a peak that has more than 6 career years, anyways? Not too damn many.

I just don't get why there seems to be a double standard for Trottier. Again, I don't see how he can really move up the HOH list against that competition because he is already quite high.. although I think the case could be made. I am just trying to understand why he seems to get so little appreciation in general.
I was actually compelled by this, to the point where I was ready to start to wonder why Lafleur would even be ranked ahead of Trottier. After all, Lafleur did nothing outside of his six years, and Trottier did.... well, something at least.

But TDMM correctly pointed out that scoring changed by about 20% during that time, and it all makes sense again. Trots wasn't just a few percent behind Lafleur offensively.

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