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08-25-2010, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I was actually compelled by this, to the point where I was ready to start to wonder why Lafleur would even be ranked ahead of Trottier. After all, Lafleur did nothing outside of his six years, and Trottier did.... well, something at least.

But TDMM correctly pointed out that scoring changed by about 20% during that time, and it all makes sense again. Trots wasn't just a few percent behind Lafleur offensively.
You guys explain away way too much with that crutch. Trying to mash prickly facts into a dogma.

Lafleurs best seasons: 74-75 to 79-80

Trottiers best seasons: 77-78 to 81-82, and 84.

For those that are challenged that means that 3 of their career years overlapped.

Trottier won his Art Ross with a prime Lafleur as his competition (1 point behind Dionne in 3rd place that year). Lafleur also won an Art Ross where Trottier came 2nd. In the third overlapping season Lafleur was 3rd in scoring and Trottier 6th (this is the biggest gap).

Lafleurs best season of 136 points comes on a team with 385 goals for in a league with an average of 6.64 goals per game.

Trottiers best season of 134 points comes on a team with 358 goals for in a league with an average of 7.00 goals for per game.

20% difference in league scoring isn't even in the ballpark when you are comparing absolute peaks. We're talking more about 5% between their two best seasons and that is penalizing Trottier 5% for being on a team that scored 27 less goals. Even if you do that ridiculous exercise Trottier is 127 points to Lafleurs 136 at their absolute peaks offensively.

You could say that Trottier's 82 and 84 seasons benefitted from some higher average scoring but even if you just plain throw those away.. at the very top of their games Trottier is competing with Lafleur offensively for production (obviously lacking in the flair department in comparison) and if that is the case.. he demolishes Lafleur overall as a player at their peaks.

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