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08-25-2010, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I love Trottier and in his prime he was magnificent, case closed. But I think Lafleur was a little bit better than flashy and exciting. He was those things for sure, but he often never gets enough credit for his playmaking. We all know his goal scoring was pretty much the best in his era (gotta give Lafleur the edge over Trotts there obviously) but he was an elite playmaker. How many guys are responsible for pretty much singlehandidly getting a guy into the HHOF? This is Steve Shutt we are talking about.
For sure Lafleur was flashier and more exciting, a better goal scorer and definitely they were both among the best playmakers at the time.

I'm not really arguing that Trottier was better than Lafleur offensively.. I'm just saying that even if he is just keeping up offensively he pretty much by default is better overall. Unless you value an extra 5-20 points a season more than all the things Trottier did night in and night out that don't necessarily show on the scoreboard.

You have to also take into consideration that Trottier had an extra round of playoffs than Lafleur which started in 1980, the first year of the Isles dynasty.
That is true I totally forgot about the extra round.

Lafleur - 1, 1, 2, 3
Trottier - 1, 1, 3, (outside the top 10)

As far as being more central to that dynasty there is without a doubt no one more important than Lafleur hands down. While Trottier would likely get 2nd or 3rd at the worst (nothing wrong with that of course). I don't know, a prime vs. prime I still take the dominance of Lafleur
Again though, the fact that Trottier is competitive with 2 firsts and a 3rd offensively means he is competing on the offensive side of the game with Lafleur as far as finishes go in 3/4 of their respective cup winning seasons.

Lafleur is better overall as an offensive player without question, but is it enough to overcome Trottier being outstanding defensively, winning faceoffs and a being a physically imposing player at the same time?

Also I agree that Lafleur is an easier choice as the best player on his dynasty squad but lets not forget that Dryden, Lemaire and the big 3 among others are no slouches either. And I think a convincing argument could be made for Trottier just the same.. even though I feel Potvin was most likely the guy for the Isles, personally.

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