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08-25-2010, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Next Best Thing View Post
Only this contract is his last salute in a way I am thinking. Can we make this guy captain already? Habs for life, come on. Best player we had since Roy.
I was coming to post this.

He's maybe one of the best player in the entire league to show Subban how to be consistent as a defender and at the top of your game night in and night out. I think the influence of Markov on the ice is overlooked ; he has been a force in this league creating space for his teammate, while being a solid defender. His creativity can only help guys like Subban to learn more and more..

The impact of Markov on this team is too important. He's shown flashes of leadership off the ice (begin to talk to the media and the «Price incident»). I'm not sure he's the right guy to be name captain, but he's one hell of a loyal player.

Markov will sign, it's a matter of time. I don't really care about the time or the money; I trust Gauthier on that. He has shown that he can handle tough situations (Plekanec and Halak particulary). He will do the right thing.

We, as fan, and Gauthier, shouldn't give that much of importance about his injuries ; they were accidents, he's not injury prone.

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