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08-26-2010, 02:01 AM
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Originally Posted by PhoPhan View Post
Thanks kindly. I think it went pretty well, and I'm really hoping I get the position. It's a good balance of creative and technical stuff, and since it's a university, I'd get free gym membership, 96% off tuition for an advanced degree, and all sorts of other perks. Fingers are crossed, statuettes are being rubbed, pajamas are inside out.
The real question is how long you've been wearing your "lucky" Superman underoos.

By the way, if you manage to get the position, you'll have to tell me what ritual(s) you performed, which god(s)/goddess(es) you invoked, and which species of livestock you sacrificed. You see, I'll be applying to graduate school this fall, and after Game 7 against Detroit, I no longer feel I can rely upon the pantheon of long-forgotten druidic nightmares to whom I've turned in the past. I chalk it up to the absence of properly blasphemous groves in Arizona. I can appreciate how difficult it is for eldritch horrors to meet expectations without a blasphemous grove in which to conduct their orgies of surpassing depravity--designed, no doubt, with the singular intention of causing the greatest possible offense to God. All I've got by way of a grove is a back yard in dire need of weeding and I strongly suspect they find it insufficient.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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