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08-26-2010, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by ForsbergIsOdin View Post
Ive been nailing the cross crease with extreme efficiency now.

You will be able to count on me for everything ive always done. Maybe even be better at faceoffs now too!
I've only played the demo twice now and I'm pretty much done with it already. I know for damn sure I couldn't get any cross creases to land on All-Star against the CPU. Almost instant clean interception all the time. The dekeing is fun as **** though I should prolly play it more. Me and Andrew's madden season is too damn fun though at the moment.

Originally Posted by Kris Versteeg View Post
Leafs fan here in peace.

Just started up our thread for NHL 11 EASHL, hopefully we can have some scrims some time.

JSTAFF, not sure what your GT is but add me @JacobimMugatu so we can set up some Leafs v Flyers games when the game comes out
Kris, add Irish, hes GT is posted somewhere in this thread. He coordinates all set-time games because hes a ginger. We would love to play you guys though. We've had some great matches against other message boards. By great I meant we slaughtered them so it's alot of fun for us! just kidding just kidding....but seriously

Originally Posted by PycckuuRocket10 View Post
JSTAFF can play you guys by himself, and still kick the **** outta you.
Thank you kind sir. I have a feeling Adam is going to be one of our best players this year though. That kid puts in work.

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