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10-03-2003, 06:21 AM
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TB--I have the game on tape and watched the play specificly to break your balls on the matter.It was ALL Dale and HE clearly had Berglund and was the one who realesed him.

Kaspar picked up the right guy who was going to the net on HIS side of the ice.Exactly what he's suppossed to do.

Dale had 2 guys near him with Berglund being the closest as he was body to body with the guy and Dale chose to release Berglund in favor of picking up the guy in the faceoff circle---NOT Jamie, NOT Darius but DALE released the guy and I will gladly send you the tape to hear you admit that this is EXACTLY how the play went down.

Everytime Dale plays at this, his normal disgusting level of play you can never own up to it.It is always somebody else's fault or you have to always drag other guys into the mix saying "well Poti hasn't been so great eithe"r or"the M+M boys also sucked" but it can never be a flat out "yeah, Dale really played like ****" or anything along those lines.

Your Pro-Dale arguement is losing steam very quickly here and will continue on the downward spiral.

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