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08-26-2010, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by ScopeHockey View Post
I don't get the whole argument the Halak is 'proven'. Obviously, what he did in the playoff was nothing short of exceptional, as were some of his past performances.

But to me, 'proven' (in the context of a #1 goalie) is a goalie who has put together at least a couple seasons in a row as a solid #1. Miller, Brodeur, Luongo, Lundqvist, Bryzgalov, Fleury - these a 'proven' goalies.

A goalie who was absolutely brilliant last year, but whose two busiest regular seasons have been 45 and 34 games, is not 'proven' IMO.

I would say that if has a solid year this year, given that he was a number 1 goalie for some of this past season and the entire playoffs, I'll start thinking of him as 'proven'.

Remember, at this point he's kind of been an underdog for most of the time he's been in the NHL, a role where expectations and pressure are much lower. Now he's clearly labeled as a #1 guy; let's see if he can succeed under those expectations before we call him 'proven'.
Not sure where I used proven at least not in the reply you mentioned. I also mentioned in an earlier debate that this will be the main goal for Halak. Being the clear #1. But while it is a pressure to work with, he'll have the advantage of being in a fine market but not Montreal anyway.

For sure there are question marks on Halak as well. Reason why in general, I would have preferred to keep both goalies at till the deadline to see which one we'd go with.

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