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08-26-2010, 04:16 PM
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Well, we just got robbed of a beautiful football autumn by a stupid Russian referee.

Firts of all, congrats to Žilina for beating Sparta and becoming the 3rd Slovak team to play in the Champions League group stage. Good luck to you against Chelseas, Marseille and Spartak Moscow. Everyone seems to think you´re gonna finish dead last in the group, so that usually means you actually have got some chance to grab some points. If nothing else, just fill that beauty of a small stadium of yours and above all ENJOY! Well desreved.

2nd condolences to Slovan Bratislava and our friend Kajoo. You rarely see something as terrible as this game from this referee. I guess it woiuld be just a wasted time to complain about it, IMO we´ve seen that when it´s us the unimportant mininnows that UEFA won´t bother with anything- Republic of Ireland was a great example. So whaT I wanted to say is- Props to Slovan´s players for two nice games, it was refreshing to see this young side to play. What pisses me off the most about it- selling Saláta and Sylvestr to Croatia of all places now? Kmotrík out of money or something.

Messae to our national team: We want reveng, so please kick some Russkies ***** on the 9th of September!

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