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Originally Posted by THE HOFF View Post
my appreciation of halak revolves around this question;

when has halak let us down ? The answer is never.

huet injury, trip out west 2 years ago, this year's season, this year's playoffs .... those were his only opportunities to shine, and he did. Can you really blame fans like me to be curious about where the halak experience would go ? He is lightyears ahead of price between the hears. Just take price unsportsmanlike penalties against washington as a good enough example of something halak wouldn't do.

I see it the other way around, and we are thus meant to disagree ; price has potential, but it cannot be the only argument. anymore. the organisation cheated time and time again in his favour, its time for someone to answer the call ; price plays well, or Molson has to start a riot in the front office. and thats just common sense.
The last game of the season where we needed 1 point to make the playoffs. That was a high pressure game and he played terribly and almost fu**ed it up. Thank god the team played well and was playing the lousy Leafs, otherwise there was no playoffs!

Halak also performed below average in some of the playoffs games. He was not consistent at all.

Sorry, but anyone saying that Halak is proven is compeltely blinded by their love for the guy. He still as a lot to prove before being a reliable starter, which he as never done for a full season yet in the NHL.

And NO, that is not common sense at all. Price might take another year or 2 before becoming dominant (like most goalies do at the age of 25 and up), so to start a riot would be foolish and plain dumb!

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