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08-26-2010, 04:44 PM
Lion Hound
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Just a suggestion for the Chanpions league...

What if the amount of moves were limited that each team can make? Everyone here I think gets the concept. In a head to head league a team can add and drop as many players as he wants. If a team picks up 2 or 3 players per day it kind of gets a little crazy. I mean it's not like a regular team can take 3 guys per day off the waiver wire to contribute. If the moves are limited, drafting truly comes into play more, as does smarter waiver claims.

Also...what about sprucing it up a bit with a friendly wager? Like not $$$$, but what about an avatar bet? Winner gets to choose random avatars for posters over the course of say 30 days after the new Champs league Champion is crowned?

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