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08-26-2010, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I broke a TPS Response Armor on my first shot in practice...that's the only stick I've ever broken that wasn't made of wood.
Which one was it? I just bought an old TPS R6 Armor in Perry curve, whip flex and nobody can seem to tell me a bit more about it lol

Originally Posted by JRZ DVLS View Post
I think in My case i liked the feel of XVI at first, and fell in love with the p92 blade....finally found the perfect lie/curve and so on. I couldn't find another XVI, so i went with the x40, then found another XVI that i now use as a backup.
The 40 is much lighter and I have no problems with it, but i liked the Lower kickpoint of the XVI.

But like Blues88 says, it all a matter of opinion. I have an Easton SC6 also, and i am not a big fan of it.

Just sux spending money on so many sticks to find the perfect one.. it only took me 15-20 years!!!
I know what you mean lol, I started with a P92 on the One55 OPS, found everything awkward to do with this stick/curve, tried the P106 on the X:40 and it was almost perfect LOL, but the X:40 broke, so now I've got the R6 Armor in Perry, which is sorta like the P106 so we'll see how that it lol

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