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Originally Posted by THE HOFF View Post
what!? not consistent ?
Actually from my point of view it is true that Halak was not really consistent as a whole. He usually has 3-4 good/great games, and then 1 or more attrocious. I mean, he was pulled 3 times from the net in 19 games during the playoffs iirc.

In the season he allowed 4+ goals slightly over one game out of 4. For Price, it happened around 1 game out of 7.

The thing is, when Halak has a good game, he has a GOOD game. But some people seem to totally forget all the other ones where he wasn't good, even though he actually got the W in a bunch of them because somehow in these games his team managed to score 5-6 goals (while Price would lose 1-0 vs Buffalo with 45 shots or 2-0 vs Nashville with 55 shots). Seriously, it's not like it happens once in a blue moon, we're talking about over 1 game out of 4 with 4+ goals going in.

And remember game 2 vs Washington... we were leading 4-1. He had plenty of offensive support from his team. The goals #5-6 that he let in were really pretty ugly goals (the others I gotta say were the refs playing blind while he was being ran over). If we won that one and took a 2-0 lead, maybe he never would have had to do all the heroics.

I'm not blaming him at all (anyone blaming Halak in the playoffs would have to be retarded, he clearly was the #1 factor for the great run), or saying he's not #1 material or a good goalie or anything of the sort. He's 25, which is still young for a goalie, and it takes a while to truly be consistent. What Halak always gave is great short streaks, then slowing down and usually picking it back up after he got replaced for a game or 2.

I'm really not sure how he will fare as a real #1 if he can't regularly catch a break. You have people like JayBee saying 'When you face 40 shots a game, it's understandable', but I have a hard time with that too because that's actually where he shines. Halak was often very so-so when the shots were more around 25-30 a game against him. I wish for him that he does well, but for me this is the reason why he's still unproven.

And btw, I'm not saying that Price is proven or consistent or better. I agree that right now, next year, Halak would probably be superior to Price. But I think that the Habs will have a window for the cup realistically in 3-4 seasons (with a lot of luck and all stars aligning in 2), so really what they have to think about is who is going to be the best goaler then. A better goaler next year might mean finishing 6th instead of 8th and getting to round 2 instead of round 1, but a better goaler in 3 years might mean the cup instead of the 3rd round (obviously it's optimistic, I'm not saying we'll win the cup in 3 years, just that I believe the window will be there, but it will be for some other teams too).

So Gauthier gambled and went for Price because he believes he'll be the best then. Is he right or wrong, only the future will tell, but the whole fans going up in arms and practically saying they will chase Carey out of town if he has 1 consecutive bad game can truly hurt the team much more than Gauthier did with the trade. It's just childish vengeful mentality.

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