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10-03-2003, 06:45 AM
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Posting the next morning. Agree with everything LMH#1 said except Conklin. Where I was sitting it was the consensus that Fuhr should bring his pads with him next week to the opening because the backup spot is available. The rebounds were the big thing but two of those 4 goals were easy stops. He does have good reflexes and I know it is not right to judge a goalie when the game is not on the line but he was not strong tonight. One thing I will say. The d will always know where to go to get his rebounds cleared - he always drops them ten feet in the slot right in front of himself.

Rita looked like he did on the first day of practice - lost. I am afraid that may be how he remains. I thought Salmelainen had a very strong game. He didn't get a lot of offensive chances but he skated a mile.

Whichever player on the Oil figures out to follow Isbister to the net when he cuts in from the left wing to pick up the garbage is going to get a lot of goals this year. He is too strong to stop and he seems to always get close enough that he can't get it past the goalie but so close that there is no way for the goalie to control the rebound. It happened 2 or 3 times last night - the same as Salmo's goal the other night. Puck lying there goalie down.

Chimera has hands, speed, size. I don't notice his defence so I always assume it is ok. Have to remember to watch it more because otherwise I don't know why this guy isn't on everybody's starting lineup.


I just like to say the name and dream a little bit. He is half a move away from being so good it hurts. Considering the fact that most players are about 3 moves away from being any good you get the idea. The only ingredient missing is experience and that applies to the guys playing with him as well. He hasn't quite trained them all yet to know what he can do for them. When they learn to go to their sweet spot without worrying whether or not anybody can get them the puck (think Kurri on the dot waiting for his pass from Wayne) somebody is going to score an unbelievable number of goals from this kid. He scored his goal like he was shooting at an empty net after practice. No question it was going in - no panic or pressure. I have to stop now before I hurt myself remembering.

I actually thought Allen looked the best I've ever seen him and I've never been a big fan. Nothing fancy just did the right thing every time. I don't know who went around ferguson like he was standing still early in the game but it wasn't pretty. Conklin made a good save on that one and a number of them early but fell apart.

Sloppy game - only real winners were the refs - don't know why they do this. Didn't see the Torres elbow - in my worst corner to see from my seats. He held his own in the fight though. He got jumped and was off balance to start but it isn't like he didn't get his licks in too.

Stoll looks way more mature than his years - don't know how you are going to keep him off the team.

In the Oilers Official Guide they have 24 guys listed at the front and then the rest under 'in the system'. Bergeron, Rita, Stoll and Torres are in the 24. Last year there were 23 and Hemsky wasn't one of them and Rita was. I have a feeling that Rita is the odd man out again this year.

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