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10-03-2003, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
1)It can't be ALL Dale since Lundmark was responsible for his man and CHOOSE to let him go. Don't let you dislike of Dale and like of Jaime blind you to the fact that the poor play started with him.

2)I saw the same play you did, yet recall NOT seeing Kasper near the front of the net.

3)Now you are beginning to insult me. Look back on this thread. Have I not said that I cannot argue with the fact that Dale's overall play has not been up to par? Did I not say that he HAS NOT taken the same leap in his play that he did from 2 years ago to last year? How is that not owning up to something.
Speaking of owning up, I say the same thing to you. Can't go on bashing the defense w/o mentioning the rather pourous play of the M&M girls.

Again, look back and see that I have said that Dale has not shown much this camp. However you HAVE GOT to stop denying the fact that Bobo has not been impressive. Neither has Malacough. For that matter neither has Poti. So stop trying making it look like Purinton is single-handedly bringing down the level of defense. He has got plently of help in that department.
Not looking to insult at all but you just keep going on proving the exact point I made even in this post.

It can never be a flat out "it was Dale's fault".It always has to be"well this guy also did this or that guy also is playing sh1tty".That's all I'm saying.

Even yesterday you start out with a statement "I don't want to hear any Dale bashing until Boris giveaway is addressed" which is ridiculous as it wasn't close to the numerous bad plays and decisions Dale made during the game so this example just proves the point I was trying to make.Didn't mean to insult but that's just the fact of the matter.

And as for the play in question starting w/Lundy, yes, he didn't pick up the man in the faceoff circle but Dale immediately went to Berglund and bodied him up only to release him to pursue the guy in the faceoff dot.There is NEVER a situation when that is the right play to make for a D-man to let him man get behind him all alone to stand infront of the goalie in favor of picking up a guy further out on the perimeter.NEVER.

And w/this I will let it die.Just had to get all my Dale anger out as I wasn't able to get here other than for 2 seconds and I'll be gone until next sunday as I leave for Disney 1st thing tomorrow mourning.

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