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10-03-2003, 06:52 AM
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Goaltending study? - looking for help

Since everyone here rants and raves about goaltending, I've decided to (try and) actually take a look at the one statistic most people want to point to when judging the ability (or lack of) of a goalie: save percentage.

I want to study something specific about it....what are the save percentages of goalies against "good" shots and "bad" shots - are they the same across the board or not? So I'm looking for some people who wouldn't mind helping me keep track of this during the season.

What I need is someone from each team to keep track of "good" shots and "bad" shots that a goalie faces - for the purpose of doing this, a "good" shot is one taken from the area bounded by the crease out to the faceoff dots in front, and across and a "bad" shot" is any other shot (from the blueline, right in front, along the boards, etc.). I need to know what happened on each shot - was it stopped or not? Was it deflected before it got to the goalie? If possible, where was it shot in relation to the goalie - high stick side, five-hole, etc. ? I don't need this for *every* game (and I don't expect it since I know not every game is televised) but if I can get roughly 1/5 of the games throughout the season that should be enough to be accurate.

If you're interested, post here and I'll get in touch with you over the weekend to try and set things up. Again....I don't need every game but if you don't mind sitting with a pad of paper, a pencil and the remote control and killing a few hours to help out, I'd really appreciate it.


No promises this time.
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