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Originally Posted by Defgarden View Post
Hi guys,

I started up a skating class (hockey skills), and learned a bunch of neat things on my first class. Kinda nice to get some tips after trying to learn on my own. Anyways, I can comfortably do a snowplow stop on my left skate inside edge, and can even turn my whole body sideways with both skates to come to a stop (not quite a hockey stop, but close). The thing is, I can't seem to do it on my right side. Even just trying to snowplow is difficult. I try and try, but it just doesn't seem to work the same way. Any ideas on how to break this slump and stop on my right side?

Can completely feel your pain. I started skating after 15 years (i'll be 31 in a month) and took an adult camp at the beginning of the summer. EVERYONE in the camp had taken the camp before, played in B or A leagues and I felt like a FOOL. I could barely stand up the first night. Second night I finally got my legs back, albeit slowly and VERY humbly (word?).

Got my left side (weak side ironically) hockey stop on the 3rd night, and for the life of me I_COULD_NOT stop on my right side. I TRIED so hard that I actually hurt my leg. Felt like I was pushing so hard that i was bending my knee sideways. Decided to give it a break and just work on other skills and see what happened.

Long story short, I basically through the rest of the 12 weeks, was only stopping on my left side. Got my perfect hockey stop back, skating was perfect again, and was able to start working on my stickhandling and shooting (more humble pie). 2nd to the last week of camp, I decided to go to an open stick (basically like open hockey, but you bring your own pucks and just skate around and shoot/pass/drills, etc whatever you want to do) and all of a sudden (honestly, I didn't even realize it after I had done it 3 times) I was stopping on my right side. Turns out I had given up on thinking about it so hard, that it just happened on its own. Hard to believe I know, but it just did. Now I don't even have to think about it.

Might work for you, might not. May have been a fluke for me due to the fact that I skated for 10 years when I was younger, but I'd say just use what you have now. It SHOULD happen naturally, and I THINK that if you keep trying too hard, it's not going to happen.

Good luck man!

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