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08-27-2010, 09:08 AM
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Originally Posted by ScopeHockey View Post
Interested in the key word here. And that being said, I agree with Engels. The Habs need to be interested in a player of this stature. That doesn't mean that if the Habs don't sign him, they're foolish, because the price may not be right and Guerin may not even want to come to Montreal.

Really, what's not to like about Guerin?

-He's a multiple Stanley Cup winner. Who cares?..Shall we go after Chelios as well?
-He's a big, physical player who was one of the best power forwards in the game in his prime, and still can score 20+ goals. Along side Crosby yea. In a ''defensive'' system like ours?..Highly doubt it.
-He's reputed to be a no-nonsense guy and a good leader. We have enough leaders on our team.
-He'd likely take a 1 year deal in the 1-1.5M range. Hope so, otherwise he's likely moving to Russia
-He knows how to park his a$$ in front of the net, something guys like AK and Pouliot need to learn to do consistently. You can't teach someone how to park your ass in front of the net. You either want to do it or you don't. Pouliot and A.Ko aren't having difficulties about how to obstruct and annoy a keeper, they simply rarely park themselves in front of the net bcuz it's not their game. Just like it wasn't Latendresse's.

I actually see him on a line with Boyd and Eller. Or if Pouliot or AK fails, Guerin could play with Plekanec and Cammalleri.
We have a team that has speed as one of its main attributes. Guerin is just a little faster than Gill. Even though he still plays that aggressive style, he's really old and you can't expect him to be that dominant for that role anymore.
We have young players that could be ready to make a jump and spend a year in NHL like MaxPac and White. Considering Boyd and Eller will start the season here, we also have Darche-Pyatt-Lappy-Moen. That's 8 players for our bottom 6, we don't need an extra one.
We won't win the cup this year, and are well positioned to make interesting changes next summer with the number of FAs we will have. I rather use this season to evaluate how far off or good our youngsters can perform and then adapt next summer, than waist a roster spot on an old man that will probably contribute very little.

There's just no point in bringing him in. We have no need for a bottom liner aging veteran. Like MathMan pointed out, what we would truly need is a big top 6 winger.
This could make our team significantly better especially if a 3rd line of Pouliot-Eller-MaxPac would be capable of producing their fair share of points.

We also only have 4.1M in cap space now. Price will get at least 2.2M. So we will barely have 2M available to us in the best scenario possible. Waisting another million on Guerin would be stupid. I'd rather we keep that cap space in case we need to make minor adjustments throughout the year.

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