Thread: OT: Dubi reads HF???
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08-27-2010, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by ThirdEye View Post
I don't know why he would be wasting his time online with us dopes. I know if I was getting paid an NHL salary I wouldn't be squandering my free time on some hockey message board. I would be out putting that money to good use
Gotta disagree.

Millionaires have down-time. Dubi's a young dude. Nothing wrong with browsing the web.

If this isn't photo-shopped and is true, I'm actually a bit impressed. If Dubi's reading posts from us he probably cares what the fanbase has got to say about some of our different issues.

Originally Posted by SML View Post
Dubi doesn't look like sound-factory material. I can't picture him bumping jonathan peters.

Originally Posted by SML View Post
Actually, Dubi should come here, and often. It's the only place where an underacheiving 20 goal scorer can get hyped into an untouchable elite power forward. I HOPE YOU READ THAT DUBI! STOP GOING INVISIBLE MAN FOR 20 GAMES AT A RIP!!!!
Invisible my ***.

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